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I was writing Raoul de Chagny over and over again in my notebook today and then I realized that’s what you’re supposed to do with guys you have crushes on

Okay guys, enough is enough.

Please, stop sending me hate about that one time i screwed up with the Elizabeth Loyacano audio and saying it was Sierra.  Okay, that audio was labeled as Sierra Boggess okay, so i went with what the audio said. Jst stop, please.


Favourite backstage Meg and Christine photos: 

1. Tori Johns and Gina Beck, West End. 
2. Emilie Lynn and Cat Lane (celebrating the 100th Seoul performance). 
3. Anna Forbes and Sofia Escobar (Anna doing last week goofs). 
4. Gina Beck and Tori Johns swapping costumes, West End. 
5. Lorraine Chappel and Sarah Ryan, UK tour. 
6. Lisa Vroman and Jenny Gould, US tour. 
7. Brianne Kelly Morgan and Elizabeth Loyacano, Las Vegas. 

For our science essays, our teacher had us put numbers instead of our names, so naturally I put 24601 as my number, and he was reading a part of my paper and when he said the number he was like “PERSON 2 4 6 0 1” and i almost bursted out laughing.


people who say “the customer is always right” have clearly never had a conversation with the customer




seriously like every British thing ever has john hurt in it

see like

harry potter




doctor who




I saw it coming, but I didn’t stop

i can’t believe how much i’m laughing

notsoordinaryfangirl asked

C-Carrying The Banner (Newsies)
H-Hannibal Dress Rehearsal (Phantom of the Opera)
L-Legally Blonde Remix (Legally Blonde)
O-Once Upon Another Time (Love Never Dies)
E-Edeleweiss (Sound of Music)


Gimme erik/raoul/christine headcanons because I need them and electricportcullis has converted me.

sam-is-eating asked
Samantha :)

S-She’s In Love (The Little Mermaid)
A-And Then There Were None (Spring Awakening)
M-My House (Matilda)
A-All That Jazz (Chicago)
N- No Good Deed (Wicked)
T-The Sea Of Life (The Pirate Queen)
H-Han Fattar Intenging (Phantom of the Opera Swedish)
A-A Light In The Dark (Next to Normal)

Anonymous asked
Julia! Thanks this is so cool ☺️

J-Just Another Day (Next to Normal)
U-Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)
L-Lament (Into the Woods)
I-I Dissmiss You (The Pirate Queen)
A-Another Hundred People (Company)

Announcment (2 actually)

Okay, first I think I’m officially turning into a full-time phantom blog.

Two, is anyone here going to be attending the Elkhart Civic Theatre Camp (except for u Myleah, u dont count) this summer?


Come down to my room.

You’ve got to come now, you won’t regret it.

"This could’ve waited 15 minutes"

Middle is pretty much just a 3 year game of “look down, look down, don’t look them in the eye.”

drew a lil’ Christine. I’m stuck in a Phantom rut and I’m not even ashamed of it.

drew a lil’ Christine. 
I’m stuck in a Phantom rut and I’m not even ashamed of it.